Transferring our licenses from our own system to freemius. 

We have a lot of work on the maintenance of our own license system. We need all data to be secure and privacy is a big issue. Because of all that work we are slow in adding new features and giving our customers the best support. That's why we decided to outsource our license system to Freemius. Freemius is the new standard in selling premium & freemium WordPress plugins & themes.

What we have done:
We have migrated all our licenses from our system to Freemius.
What do you need to do:
If all goes well you don't need to do anything. If you have trouble getting your license then follow the following steps:
Log in the website and login with your credentials. Click in top menu on: My Account. Choose here at the left the menu option: Freemius dashboard.
You are now redirected to Freemius. You are automatically logged in. If that is not working then use  freemius user dashboard:
If you don't know your password use the forget your password link:
In your dashboard you can see your websites, downloads, licenses, etc.  Check if all is correct.

If you run into any problem then  Contact Us Directly

Dec 15, 2021

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